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Fred the Flutterby Book

Fred the Flutterby is a charming character that illustrates the lifecycle of a butterfly
Sheryl conducts workshops using the book which is available to purchase by contacting her directly by email (

Books, writing and music by Sheryl Pape Fred the Flutterby

Music – No Hat Moon’

I was once many moons ago part of a band called  ‘No Hat Moon’
My sister ‘Sheila’ and I,  then also known as ‘The Parker Sisters’ were the lead vocalists. We worked as singers on many different projects with all sorts of wonderful artists and comedians!
We had the good fortune to work with Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees. It was a very exciting time as Barry wrote the song ’Seasons’ specially for Sheila and I to sing.  The master recording was made in London and we met with the  brothers ; Barry; Maurice and Robin as well as the youngest brother Andy.
The record went out on radio for a few weeks before Christmas the year I was expecting my second child who was born on Boxing Day.
  It’s over 25 years since we made this recording, however the song is still lovely and I’m proud to have recorded with the Bee Gees; to have met them all together and be able to say I’ve sung one of their beautiful songs.