Sheryl Pape

Botanical Art

Spring Primroses

 (Primula vulgaris) or Primroses.
Watercolour painting.
Original SOLD
This is an exquisite set of Botanical paintings that have proved to be very appealing; The originals sold very quickly and only a small amount of Ltd edition prints have been made.

(Primula vulgaris) or Primroses. painting by Sheryl Pape

Autumn Blaze, Winter Frost on Ivy & January King

  1. ‘Autumn Blaze’ Parthenocissus tricuspidata or Boston Ivy / Virginia Creeper Watercolour painting.
  2. ‘Winter Frost on Ivy’ Hedera helix or Common Ivy – Watercolour painting
  3. This cabbage has such lovely colours . One of my art students recently painted this very successfully too. It took a long time to do as it is very detailed. The cabbage has a kind of personality and I was very fond of it and it became a bit like ‘Wilson’ from the film ‘Castaway’ ; it was my friend!   Then……when the painting was finished……..I ate it (the cabbage not the painting).  It felt a bit  cannibalistic.


Summer Rose

‘Summer Rose’ Rosa gallica. var. officionalis ‘Versicolor’ or rosa mundi. Watercolour painting

Summer Rose, Watercolour by Sheryl Pape