Sheryl Pape

Cherries at Blackmoor Estate

I have been observing the Orchards at Blackmoor Estate this year since just before they started to show signs of life in April.

There will be a collection of paintings to show later after the harvest of the other fruits.  Apples and pears and hedgerow yield have been fascinating and need attention! 

Blackmoor Estate Cherries are the most sumptuous cherries I have ever,seen  painted and eaten . Here are some works in progress. 

The red cherries are a variety called ‘Penny’ and the black cherries are ‘Kordia’ The flavour of both is delicious! 

SBA Botanical Art Exhibition

5 Artworks Accepted

This week has been quite exciting as I have had 5 pieces of work accepted at this year’s SBA Botanical Art Exhibition at Mall Galleries London. 

‘Iris in the Sunlight’ (watercolour on paper) won The St Cuthbert’s Mill Award . 

The Exhibition runs until Sat 18th June 2022 . It’s worth a visit. There are some beautiful works to see . 

Butterfly Fairy and the lost moon.

Butterfly Fairy and the lost moon.

A story for children by Sheryl Pape

The dragon suddenly stopped his angry shouting when he saw how beautiful the Butterfly Fairy’s wings were .

The wings were so colourful they shimmered and sparkled in the light and delighted everyone that saw them. They brought joy to the world and the dragon had tried to take it away.

He fell to the floor and at the Butterfly Fairy’s feet he started to cry.

His tears turned his scaly skin to flowers . He promised to make amends and gave her back the moon. They flew together up high into the sky and put it back where it belonged among the stars . 

The Oak and the Emperor

The Oak and the Emperor

Painting and prints

Watercolour painting depiciting the life cycle of the Oak tree and of the Purple Emperor , Britain’s largest and most spectacular butterfly. There is a small insight into a rare spotting by the artist of this illusive and captivating creature

The painting is mounted and framed at gallery standard.

size 58cmx 78cms

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The Oak and the Emperor

Iris In the Sunlight

Iris In the Sunlight

The first of a series of large watercolour Iris paintings. 
This Iris was a black velvet colour until the sun shone through the delicate petals and transformed the deep dark colours to stunningly bright magenta and blue.

Iris in the Sunlight LowRes 1
Iris in the Sunlight LowRes 1