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Cherries at Blackmoor Estate
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Cherries at Blackmoor Estate

I have been observing the Orchards at Blackmoor Estate this year since just before they started to show signs of life in April. There will be a collection of paintings to show later after the harvest of the other fruits.  Apples and pears and hedgerow yield have been fascinating and need attention!  Blackmoor Estate Cherries […]

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SBA Botanical Art Exhibition

5 Artworks Accepted This week has been quite exciting as I have had 5 pieces of work accepted at this year’s SBA Botanical Art Exhibition at Mall Galleries London.  ‘Iris in the Sunlight’ (watercolour on paper) won The St Cuthbert’s Mill Award .  The Exhibition runs until Sat 18th June 2022 . It’s worth a visit. […]

butterfly fairy 2
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Butterfly Fairy and the lost moon.

Butterfly Fairy and the lost moon. A story for children by Sheryl Pape The dragon suddenly stopped his angry shouting when he saw how beautiful the Butterfly Fairy’s wings were . The wings were so colourful they shimmered and sparkled in the light and delighted everyone that saw them. They brought joy to the world […]

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The Oak and the Emperor

The Oak and the Emperor Painting and prints Watercolour painting depiciting the life cycle of the Oak tree and of the Purple Emperor , Britain’s largest and most spectacular butterfly. There is a small insight into a rare spotting by the artist of this illusive and captivating creature The painting is mounted and framed at […]