Sheryl Pape


I have been fascinated with this story since studying ‘A’level Welsh many years ago, and felt the need to illustrate the lady of flowers on a large canvas.
Blodeuwedd or (‘Flower-face’) painted in oils with gold and silver gilding is one in a series of paintings created with reference to the Mabinogion. In the story Blodeuwedd is conjured by sorcerers Gwydion and Math on the request of Anrhianod for prince Lleu Llaw (Her son). Blodeuwedd is left alone and eventually falls in love with a passing knight while her prince is away at war. She plots to murder Lleu but is caught. Her infidelity is avenged by the sorcerers and they hunt her down and turn her into a Tawny owl to live in the dark forest in solitude for ever.

I wanted to portray the magic with orbs and bring a kind of serenity to her character. She was created specifically to be consort of the prince who neglected her leaving her to exist in a loveless world .
I used pure white lilies for her headdress. Oak leaves, Broom and Meadowsweet were the plants used for initiating the magic for her creation. Other flowers Primroses and roses adorn her path and float around her.
They also have symbolic meaning which should become clear on reading the whole story. I made the owl her protector who has an aura of blue.
She holds the owl close to her heart. Whilst she looks on beyond the horizon looking for her lover. The owl looks out at the viewer; he is ever watchful and alert to danger.
The painting is sold and lives in Wales. I feel it is where it belongs!

Blodeuwedd - mystical mythical paintings

Liliwen Fach

Liliwen Fach translated literally means little white lily. Liliwen also means snowdrop. Eirlys is also Welsh for Snowdrop .
This painting is another in the series of Celtic princesses. Liliwen is based on ‘The lady of the Lake from’The Physicians of Myddfai’ taken from the Mabinogion. I have painted her how I imagine her when she appears to the shepherd as she accepts his love for her. I have called her Liliwen because despite her headdress is comprised of pink Lotus Lilies, the most important and pure of all is the white lilly in the orb at the centre of the painting.
She is a serene and beautiful woman who appears to a shepherd at the side of a lake, said to be a magic lake; Llyn y Fan Fach in the hills above the village of Myddfai in the Brecon Beacons.

The work is in oil and has silver gilding and diamond dust added just to make it more magical! . This is 1metre x 1metre and is one of a pair of paintings of  the same size.
(Not shown on the website yet).
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The paintings are dear to me and  some of them have poetry that I have written to go with them. They all have a lot of energy and love poured into them. I hope you enjoy them.

Liliwen Fach - lotus, waterlillies, mythical, goddess,legends, lady of the lake, oil painting